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New Build Service Home Extension Aberdeen

Transforming a House into a Forever Home: The Durris, Aberdeenshire Extension Project


In the picturesque area of Durris, Aberdeenshire, a 95m2 new build extension project has recently been completed, doubling the footprint of an existing house and transforming it into a family’s forever home. This project features a vaulted ceiling, two additional bedrooms, a utility room, a bathroom, an entrance hall, and a loft office space. The extension is finished in Siberian larch cladding, with a flat Sarnafil roof over the entrance hall and a pitched tile roof over the main new build. The design also includes a wood-burning stove in the open-plan living space, creating a roomy yet cozy atmosphere.

Client Requirements:

The clients were highly invested in the design and planning of their extension, aiming to create a home they could live in for the rest of their lives. They worked closely with the team to ensure every aspect of the project met their needs and reflected their vision for the perfect living space.

Project Timeline and Challenges:

Despite facing a few challenges, such as drainage and foundation issues, the project was successfully completed in around four months. The team’s experience and problem-solving skills allowed them to address these challenges and keep the project on track.

Budget Considerations:

The project was delivered on the agreed budget, showcasing the team’s ability to effectively manage costs and deliver a high-quality extension without any financial surprises for the client.

Design and Planning:

AK Architecture was responsible for the design and planning of this project. Having worked with them on numerous occasions, their professionalism and expertise were invaluable in bringing the clients’ vision to life.

Construction Process:

The construction process was handled by an experienced team of contractors and subcontractors, who overcame any obstacles encountered during the build. Their dedication and commitment to the project ensured a smooth construction process, resulting in a stunning house extension that exceeded the clients’ expectations.

Project Completion and Handover:

Upon completion, the project underwent a thorough inspection, ensuring that everything was up to code and met the highest quality standards. The handover process was seamless, allowing the clients to move into their beautifully extended home without any issues.

Client Feedback:

The clients were thrilled with the final result of their new build house extension, praising the team’s professionalism, attention to detail, and the quality of the finished product. The new living space not only met but exceeded their expectations, providing them with a comfortable and functional forever home that they could be proud of.

Lessons Learned:

This project offered valuable insights into overcoming challenges, such as drainage and foundation issues. These lessons will inform future projects, ensuring that the team continues to deliver exceptional results for clients in need of new build extensions.


The Durris, Aberdeenshire extension project demonstrates the power of collaboration between clients, architects, and construction professionals. By working together and focusing on the clients’ vision, the team was able to create a stunning forever home that met all the clients’ needs and showcased the beauty of innovative design and construction techniques.

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