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Garage conversion: Why should you do it with help from experienced builders?

One of the most economical methods to expand your house and increase the value of your property is via a garage conversion. Compared to an expansion of comparable size, a well-planned conversion often requires less time and money to construct. So, contact house builders in Aberdeen right away!

Converting the area might be a far better option if your garage is seldom used for parking a vehicle and is merely a repository for infrequently used goods you can’t afford to throw away. Additional benefits of addition include the fact that no yard space will be lost, all work will be done in one location, and disruptions to daily life should be kept to a minimum since 95% of the work will be done within the garage.

construction business garage conversion

What is garage conversion?

Converting a garage into additional living space is known as garage conversion. Your home’s market value may increase with a garage makeover, but it takes time, effort, and preparation. In general, remodelling your garage is simpler and less expensive than adding a brand-new room to your house.

Garages are often transformed into family spaces, playrooms, art studios, home offices, and gyms. Before starting this procedure, variables, including home storage, parking accessibility, and permissions, are often considered. The homeowner must work with an architect to apply for a permit from the municipal authorities to convert a garage into a habitable space.

Why should you try a garage conversion?

Any additional habitable square footage connected to the property itself boosts property value, improves the quality of life for those who use the property and frequently improves the health of the garage as defects and faults are exposed and improved or fixed as construction takes place.

It makes no difference what kind of property you have or whether the garage is attached or detached from the property itself. You can always convert existing rooms inside your house into linked garages for extra space; you don’t even need to think of the garage as distinct from the property itself. Just contact Aberdeen builders! Upgrades to a garage may be made as a stand-alone job or as part of broader remodelling projects in your house to create longer dining rooms, wider kitchens, or significantly larger living areas.

What are the benefits of a garage conversion?

There are several potential benefits of a converted garage by Aberdeen extension builders. Firstly, it could boost resale value. The additional room may raise the resale value of your house since square footage is often used in home assessments to determine the worth of the property. This is the importance of getting the services of garage builders in Aberdeen.

Secondly, it is affordable to complete. You can turn your garage into a living area for about half as much money as building a new addition to your house. With just a little assistance from professionals, you may even be able to do many modifications on your own. Last but not least, you are using a pre-existing framework which makes working with an already-existing structure one of the main advantages of transforming your garage. The foundation, drywall, and insulation of your garage may already be in place, depending on its state.

Is planning permission required for a garage conversion?

When making changes, additions, or remodels to a home, you often need the local authorities’ approval for the plans. You may be glad to learn that planning approval is not always necessary for garage conversions, particularly where integrated or linked garages are involved.

You may not need to apply for and have planning permission granted since the work may fall under permitted developments. However, proceeding with a garage conversion based only on the presumption that no planning approval is necessary is not suggested. It is also worth noting that you will almost certainly require a build warrant, which will give you the required certificate proving that the build has been completed to the correct standards.

It is usually recommended to speak with the local authorities and collect documentation from them to determine whether or not your garage conversion requires planning clearance.

If the local authorities have informed you that you do not need planning approval, you may want to consider getting a legitimate development certificate. A lawful development certificate is a terrific way to protect oneself in the future. It can show that the work was done legally and documented, even if planning approval wasn’t necessary.

If you are thinking of garage conversion and don’t know what to do, you have come to the right place. Steen Builders are here to help you out! Extension builders in Aberdeen have established a solid reputation for providing high-quality construction services by constructing anything from kitchens and bathrooms to loft and garage conversions.

In addition to building new homes around Aberdeen shire, we also handle projects throughout North East Scotland, thanks to our builders in Aberdeen. We are well known for being advocates of outstanding craftsmanship, and our clientele always provide us with good comments.

Need convincing that a garage conversion with builders is the right move? Here’s why it’s essential and the pitfalls you may experience if you don’t leave it to the professionals:

  • Without professional help, your project could become bogged down in delays and unforeseen costs.
  • Poorly executed renovation work can lower property values significantly or lead to dangerous structural issues.
  • Your investment may go to waste if you don’t properly assess local building codes before beginning construction.
  • Unlicensed contractors lack necessary insurance coverage and/or experience, putting them at risk of costly legal consequences as well as leaving you without recourse should something go wrong during their work on your home.

Steen Building Services Aberdeen prides itself on providing quality construction services that will not only meet your expectations but will exceed them in every way. There is no project too small or too big for our team of professional builders and experienced personnel.

We provide the best results possible on every single project. As a fully-insured and accredited company, we take every safety precaution seriously, so rest assured that every aspect of the construction process will be managed by the most qualified people in the business when you hire us for your construction needs.

Contact us today for more information or to request a free quote, and let us show you why we are one of the leading builder services in the UK. If you value exceptional service and attention to detail, then you can trust that we will ensure your building projects are completed according to the highest standards.

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Looking to hire a builder? Please take a moment to read our FAQs first!

What is a builder?

There are many different types of builders. A builder is an individual or a company responsible for making and repairing buildings and other structures, such as roads and bridges. As construction specialists, they offer a wide range of services such as plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, painting and decorating, and so on.

Where is the best place in the UK to find a builder?

There are several ways to search for builders in the UK – you can use online directories such as Trustmark and Which? Trusted Traders; you can also check with local trade associations or contact your local authority building control team for recommended tradespeople in your area.

Typically, builders in the UK offer which types of services?

Various types of services are provided by building contractors, such as extension construction and loft conversions, garden landscaping, bathroom and kitchen fitting, conservatory design, and other building projects in the UK. It is also important to consult with them if you are interested in incorporating energy-efficient measures into your property, such as double glazing or insulation installation.

What qualifications do builders need to practise legally in the UK?

As a standard requirement, all builders working on projects requiring Building Regulations approval must be competent and qualified for carrying out structural work, electrical work, and all gas-related work.

The majority of builders have CSCS cards, which demonstrate their ability to work safely on construction sites. It is important to note, however, that to be legally allowed to carry out certain tasks, they must also possess suitable qualifications. These include things like an Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems Certificate of Competence or an NVQ Level 2 or 3 qualifications in bricklaying.

Do I need to be aware of any building regulations before hiring a contractor?

There is no doubt that when hiring a builder to do any work on your property, it is crucial to ensure that they are operating legally by checking their CSCS card and credentials before entering into any agreement with them. It is also important that you make sure that the contractor has public liability insurance as well so that you will be covered in case anything goes wrong during their work on your property or project.

You should also ensure that they are working within the specified limits of Building Regulations where applicable and that all relevant consents have been obtained before the commencement of works on site. Failure to do this may result in hefty fines or even demolition orders, depending upon how serious the breach is deemed to be by local authorities or other regulatory bodies involved in enforcement matters relating to construction activities carried out within the UK.

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