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How extensions and conversions benefit home workers

More and more people are now working from home due to advancements in technology, with the pandemic having also accelerated this trend. One problem that some home workers do face is a lack of space. If you live in a smaller home and don’t have a great deal of space, one thing that you can consider is investing in an home extension or loft/garage conversion in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire.

The growing popularity of home working

A YouGov study found that more than half of workers are now interested in working from home at least for some of the time. The popularity of home working is showing no signs of slowing down, especially with so many people finding they’re just as efficient in their own homes as they would be in the office. Working from home can also help you save money on transport costs and give you a much better work-life balance.

What changes can you make to your home to support home working?

There are several changes you can consider making to your home to make home working more effective. Many people are opting for loft conversions in Aberdeen to create more space for home working. A loft conversion can add value to your home and allows you to make the most of the unused space in your attic. Converting your loft ensures you’re not relaxing and working in the same part of your home and therefore allows you to create a division between your leisure time and your work time. You could also opt for a garage conversion if you do need to create more space for home working.

Another change that you can consider is a home extension in Aberdeen. A home extension will also give you more space to live and enable you to divide your home and work life. What’s more is that it can also add more value to your home so you can get more for your property if you ever do decide to sell up. Another step that you could take is to build a garden office. This also enables you to create a boundary between your home and work life whilst enabling you to get more from your outdoor space. A garden room can also double up a new place for entertaining guest in the evenings and weekends.

Who can help if I need an extension, loft conversion or garage conversion in Aberdeen?

Who can help if I need an extension, loft conversion or garage conversion in Aberdeen?

Steen Builders are here to help if you do need to create more space for home working in Aberdeen. Our professional, dependable builders have many years of experience to draw upon and can help you make fantastic changes to your home that add value to it and stand the test of time. We have an unrivalled passion for property development and project management, and we can provide all the guidance that you need when you’re looking for new ways to improve your property and make it work for you. We are here for you whether you need a home extension, loft conversion, garage conversion, garden office, summer house, bathroom or kitchen in Aberdeen.

Contact us today to find out more about our extensions and conversions in Aberdeen. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

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