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Loft Conversion Drawing

Do you have a growing family and need more space? Considered converting your loft?

If you have a growing family you might be looking for more space.  Converting your loft is a great way to expand your family home without the hassle of moving house and schools.  Many of us choose an area that has suitable schools for our children, close to family and work.  There are a few options that don’t require uprooting your family, loft conversions are one.

Converting your loft is a cost-effective way to add extra floor space and bedrooms to your home.  The photograph above is a drawing of a recent loft conversion in Aberdeen.  This is a pretty standard conversion that we have completed many times.  You will see that by converting the loft, you can gain a considerable amount of extra space.  Giving you an extra bedroom, and sometimes a second bedroom and ensuite.

Many families choose to convert their loft to obtain more space, and this type of conversion could increase a property’s value by up to 20%. Converting means none of the stress of moving to a new area, away from schools, family, or work.  Generally speaking, a loft conversion has less disruption and cost than any other type of extension.

I’m sure with all this extra space, you and your family will have the room you need.

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Drawing provided by AK Architecture who we’ve worked with many times

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