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Bespoke Garden Office

Improve your life with a bespoke garden office

Garden offices come with a huge range of benefits. Not only can setting up an office in your garden help you separate your work and home life, but also less likely to face distractions and interruptions throughout the working day. A bespoke garden office can make your life easier, making homeworking more straightforward and stress-free.

The convenience of home working

The Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in more and more people working from home. Many employers are now realising that certain roles can be performed just as efficiently via remote working, and there’s evidence to suggest that it could soon become ‘the new normal’.

Home-working can save employers money as they require less office space, whilst also boosting morale amongst employees. It can result in a happier and more productive workforce. At Steen, we’ve seen a significant rise in enquires about garden offices in Aberdeen in recent months.

Separate work and home life whilst saving money

If you do need to work from home but have small children, it may be incredibly difficult or even impossible to work inside your home. A bespoke garden office can help you address this. When your commute only takes around a minute or less on foot, you can avoid the hefty cost that can come with travelling to work.

Your bespoke garden office can also help you create a more family-friendly work schedule, allowing you to choose your own hours. When you work from home, you should find yourself spending much less money on lunch, drinks, and snacks. Once your working day ends, you can simply walk back to your home and start spending time with your family.

Bespoke garden offices

When you choose Steen for your bespoke garden office, you can customise the space, tailoring it towards your specific tastes. A space that’s designed for work can feel much more professional than an environment like a lounge or bedroom, which are used for all sorts of purposes.

When you have a designated workspace, it’s much easier to separate your work and leisure time. They can easily start to blur into each other when you live and work in the same room. However, it’s easier to make that distinction when you have a bespoke garden office.

Comfort and space

If your partner or someone else also works from home, you can give each other the space you need when one of you starts using a bespoke garden office. You can also add insulation and sound-proofing to your office to increase comfort levels and block out noise from outside. Triple glazing is another popular option for limiting exterior sounds.

Add value to your property

A bespoke garden office can add value to your property, enabling you to charge more should you decide to sell up. Garden offices can raise property prices by as much as 7%. Even if you have no plans to move on right now, it’s still good to know that you can ask for more should you ever wish to relocate.

Bespoke Garden offices in Aberdeen from Steen Property Developments

At Steen, we have several years of experience when it comes to designing, building, and installing bespoke garden offices in Aberdeen. If you are ready to create more space, add value to your property, and make home working work better for you and your family, contact us today.

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