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Light Bathroom Fitting Aberdeenshire

Bathrooms and ensuites, transform yours from drab to fab

A bathroom is more than just a facility.  To many of us, our bathrooms and esuites are a sanctuary to escape to.  Somewhere we can soak our stresses and strains away.  So why not give this room the attention it deserves?  Transform it from it’s tired and dull demeanour to a luxurious heavenly haven.

Whether you are looking to enhance an existing bathroom or create a new ensuite we have a solution for you.  We provide inspiration, ideas, and solutions for all your bathroom or ensuite requirements.

Bathrooms – The main bathroom tends to be more spacious than an ensuite.  It is usually used by the entire household including guests.  In this room you can really create your ideal sanctuary while still incorporating the storage, facilities, and needs of the household.

Ensuites – An ensuite is usually connected to a bedroom and for many it is their own personal space.  Ensuites tend to be much smaller than the main bathroom but with careful planning and clever solutions we can help transform the smallest space into the sanctuary you desire.  Not only do ensuites enhance your bedroom, but they can also add value to your home.  If you would like to make better use of some extra bedroom space then we can offer solutions and creative ideas to make your dream come alive.

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