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Aberdeen's Home Renovation Revolution

Aberdeen’s Home Renovation Revolution: Top Trends Transforming Homes


Aberdeen’s home renovation scene is booming, with more and more homeowners looking to transform their properties into their dream spaces. As the Granite City evolves and modernises, it’s no surprise that locals are eager to keep up with the latest home improvement trends. In this blog post, we will explore the top trends currently shaping the Aberdeen home renovation revolution, from eco-friendly solutions to smart home technology. Get inspired and find out how you can incorporate these ideas into your own home makeover.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Home Improvements

Climate change and environmental concerns are at the forefront of many homeowners’ minds, and Aberdeen residents are no exception. The trend toward sustainable and eco-friendly home improvements is gaining momentum in the city, with many people opting for energy-efficient windows, doors, insulation, and heating systems. Solar panels and green roofs are also becoming popular choices for those looking to minimise their carbon footprint while reducing energy bills.

To create a more sustainable home, consider using recycled or reclaimed materials for your renovation projects. Many local suppliers in Aberdeen offer reclaimed wood, metals, and other materials that can be used to create a unique and environmentally-friendly design.

Open-Plan Living Spaces

Open-plan living spaces have become a staple in modern home design, and Aberdeen homeowners are embracing this trend with enthusiasm. By knocking down walls and creating a more fluid, connected space, open-plan living areas can make your home feel more spacious and inviting.

When planning your open-plan renovation, think about how you can create distinct zones for cooking, dining, and relaxing, using furniture placement and different floor finishes to define each area. Large kitchen islands are a popular choice in Aberdeen homes, providing a functional and social hub for family gatherings and entertaining.

Smart Home Technology

The rise of smart home technology is transforming the way Aberdeen residents live, work, and interact with their homes. From voice-controlled lighting to automated heating systems, smart technology offers a wealth of convenience and efficiency.

Popular smart home features in Aberdeen include:

  • Smart thermostats, which learn your heating preferences and adjust the temperature accordingly, helping to save energy and reduce bills.
  • Home security systems, such as video doorbells and smart locks, providing peace of mind and enhanced safety.
  • Voice-controlled lighting and smart plugs, allowing you to control your home’s lighting and appliances with just a few words.

When planning your home renovation, consider how smart technology can enhance your living experience and make your space more comfortable and convenient.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design, which focuses on incorporating natural elements into the built environment, is gaining popularity among Aberdeen homeowners. This trend recognizes the positive impact that nature has on our well-being and aims to create a harmonious living space that connects us with the natural world.

To embrace biophilic design in your Aberdeen home renovation, consider incorporating the following elements:

  • Natural materials: Use wood, stone, or other natural materials in your flooring, walls, and furniture.
  • Natural light: Ensure your home has ample natural light by installing large windows or skylights.
  • Indoor plants: Introduce greenery into your living space with potted plants or even a vertical garden.
  • Water features: Create a sense of tranquillity with an indoor fountain or a small water feature in your garden.

Minimalist and Scandinavian-Inspired Interiors

Simplicity and functionality are at the heart of the minimalist and Scandinavian-inspired interior design trends that are currently popular in Aberdeen. These styles prioritize clean lines, neutral color palettes, and high-quality materials, creating a calming and clutter-free living environment.

Key elements of minimalist and Scandinavian-inspired interiors include:

  • Light, neutral colour schemes: Choose shades of white, gray, and beige to create a serene and airy atmosphere.
  • Natural materials: Incorporate materials like wood, wool, and linen into your furniture and textiles to add warmth and texture.
  • Functional furniture: Opt for pieces that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing, with a focus on clean lines and minimal ornamentation.
  • Smart storage solutions: Keep your living space organized and clutter-free with built-in storage and cleverly designed furniture.

To achieve this look in your Aberdeen home renovation, consider decluttering your space and choosing a few high-quality statement pieces that combine form and function.

Outdoor Living Spaces

With many Aberdeen residents spending more time at home, the demand for comfortable and functional outdoor living spaces has increased. From stylish patios to cosy garden nooks, homeowners are investing in their gardens and outdoor areas to create an extension of their living space.

When planning your outdoor renovation, consider the following ideas:

  • Decking and patio areas: Create a comfortable and durable outdoor seating area with high-quality decking or paving materials.
  • Outdoor kitchens: Install a built-in barbecue or pizza oven to elevate your al fresco dining experience.
  • Garden lighting: Enhance your outdoor space with ambient and functional lighting, such as string lights, lanterns, or solar-powered fixtures.
  • Landscaping and planting: Design a beautiful and low-maintenance garden with a mix of evergreen and seasonal plants, along with features like water fountains or rock gardens.

Home Office Spaces and Multipurpose Rooms

The shift toward remote work and flexible working arrangements has led to a surge in demand for dedicated home office spaces in Aberdeen. Homeowners are looking for ways to create functional and comfortable work areas that can also serve multiple purposes, such as guest rooms or playrooms.

To create an efficient home office space, consider incorporating:

  • Ergonomic furniture: Invest in a high-quality desk and chair to ensure your comfort and productivity.
  • Adequate lighting: Ensure your workspace has a combination of natural light and task lighting to reduce eye strain and create a pleasant working environment.
  • Built-in storage: Make use of vertical space with built-in shelves or cabinets to keep your office organized and clutter-free.
  • Acoustic solutions: Install soundproofing materials or use soft furnishings to reduce noise and create a quiet workspace.


Aberdeen’s home renovation revolution is a testament to the city’s evolving tastes and the desire for modern, comfortable living spaces. By incorporating trends like sustainable and eco-friendly improvements, open-plan living, smart home technology, biophilic design, minimalist and Scandinavian-inspired interiors, outdoor living spaces, and multipurpose rooms, Aberdeen homeowners can transform their properties into stylish, functional, and future-proof homes.

Whether you’re planning a major renovation or simply looking for ways to refresh your living space, these top trends offer inspiration and guidance for creating a beautiful and contemporary home in Aberdeen. Embrace the home renovation revolution and start planning your dream space today.

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What are the top home renovation trends in Aberdeen?

The top trends include sustainable and eco-friendly improvements, open-plan living spaces, smart home technology, biophilic design, minimalist and Scandinavian-inspired interiors, outdoor living spaces, and multipurpose rooms.

How can I make my home more sustainable and eco-friendly?

Opt for energy-efficient windows, doors, insulation, and heating systems, install solar panels or green roofs, and use recycled or reclaimed materials in your renovation projects.

What should I consider when creating an open-plan living space?

Plan distinct zones for cooking, dining, and relaxing using furniture placement and different floor finishes. Large kitchen islands are a popular choice to create a functional and social hub.

How can smart home technology improve my living experience?

Smart thermostats, home security systems, and voice-controlled lighting and smart plugs can enhance your comfort, convenience, and safety.

What are the key elements of biophilic design?

Incorporate natural materials, ensure ample natural light, introduce indoor plants, and consider adding water features to create a harmonious living space connected to nature.

How can I achieve a minimalist or Scandinavian-inspired interior?

Use light, neutral colour schemes, natural materials, functional furniture, and smart storage solutions to create a calming and clutter-free living environment.

What are some ideas for creating functional outdoor living spaces?

Install decking or patio areas, outdoor kitchens, garden lighting, and invest in landscaping and planting to create comfortable and durable outdoor seating areas.

How can I create an efficient home office space?

Invest in ergonomic furniture, ensure adequate lighting, make use of built-in storage, and consider acoustic solutions to create a comfortable and productive workspace.

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