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8 reasons to invest in garden office builders in 2023

Garden offices come in all shapes and sizes, from small studio-style sheds to large, multi-room complexes with air-conditioning and other amenities. They are built to be comfortable and well-insulated, and many come with wired or wireless internet connections. Some garden offices are fitted with amenities such as a kitchenette and bathroom. Here are the top 8 reasons to invest in a garden office this year and why you should hire Steen Building Services to make the perfect garden office.

1.  Increased productivity

Working from a garden office in 2023 can help you to increase your productivity. With comfortable, dedicated space to work and fewer distractions, you can focus on your tasks and maximise your efficiency. A garden office’s natural environment can also create a calming atmosphere, providing a more pleasant working environment than a traditional office.

2. Boost your creativity

The garden office has long been a popular design choice. It has been demonstrated that bringing the outdoors inside can boost satisfaction and productivity. Greenery and plants help us feel better and more peaceful, which increases our productivity.

Your contemporary garden office allows enough natural light to enter your room. It’s a peaceful haven away from the kitchen table’s interruptions.

3.  Cost savings

Investing in a garden office in 2023 can result in significant cost savings compared to renting or buying a traditional office space. You will save on rent, utilities, and other office-related costs, allowing you to make more of your money.

4. Saves transportation time

People look ahead to work each morning if they enjoy their jobs. Let’s admit it; nobody enjoys sitting in traffic and hearing honks as they travel to work. Several people dread accepting employment that is located distant from their residences.

You won’t need to bother over arriving late to work if you build an outside home office inside your garden. To get to work, you don’t need to get up earlier and allow time for traffic. You only need to leave your home and visit the garden office.

5. Flexibility

Garden offices offer greater flexibility compared to traditional office spaces. You can customise your office space to fit your needs and requirements, allowing you to design an office space that reflects your style and preferences.

6. Environmental benefits

Investing in a garden office in 2023 can also positively impact the environment. By reducing your reliance on traditional office spaces, you will reduce your energy consumption, helping to reduce your carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future.

7. Increase the value of your home

Yes, that is accurate. Garden rooms are a fantastic, affordable way to make the most of your territory and raise the worth of your house. Even if you currently use your garden area as a workplace, any new customers might readily change this. There are countless options.

8. Eases work stress

Feeling apprehensive and agitated when matters are difficult at work is normal. In an office setting, one lacks a place to unwind and replenish himself. However, a person can take a moment away from work and appreciate the beautiful natural beauty at a green office.

In addition, it has been demonstrated that green soothes a frazzled mind and relieves stress. Garden offices provide the pleasure of maintaining a connection with nature. Another benefit is taking a new breath of oxygen to revive your thoughts.

Why hire Steen Building Services for your garden office

Steen Building Services can provide a high-quality garden office construction service. With years of experience providing garden office builds, Steen Building Services can provide you with the perfect garden office to suit your needs. Working with trusted suppliers and tradesmen, local builders Aberdeen can ensure that the build is to the highest standards and crafted in the most efficient way possible.

This ensures that your garden office is an excellent investment and will serve you for many years. Steen Building Services also offers a full range of services, including design, planning, and installation, to ensure that your new garden office is completed on time, to the highest standard, and with minimal disruption.

A garden office is a year-round solution to finding that work-life balance at home. Save money and create that dream office you have always wanted! So, now that you’ve heard about the many benefits of our garden offices, what are you waiting for? There has never been a better time to invest in one of our garden rooms.

Steen Building Services is committed to providing quality services and products. The Aberdeen builders are dedicated to providing customers with the best value and service. With over 30 years of experience, Steen Building Services is a trusted partner in the commercial construction industry, and we always recommend builders in Aberdeen.

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Are you in search of a top-quality contractor for your building project? You are in the right place!

Steen Building Services Aberdeen prides itself on providing quality construction services that will not only meet your expectations but will exceed them in every way. With years of experience and knowledge, our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals strives to provide the best results possible for every project, no matter how big or small it is. There can be no doubt that we are a fully-insured and accredited firm dedicated to taking every safety precaution seriously so that you can feel at ease knowing that we will take care of your construction needs.

If you would like more information or to request a free quote, contact us today. With a commitment to outstanding service and an eye for detail, we can assure you that your building projects will be completed with the highest standards.

The best builder services in Aberdeen are available right here!

We are a professional company that offers builders services in the local area and has a wealth of experience in the construction industry. There is a wide range of services we offer to both domestic and commercial customers, including building, refurbishment, restoration, and a lot more. We are a highly skilled and experienced team that delivers the highest quality service in each area of expertise, and we adhere to the highest standards at all times. As a company, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. That is why we always go the extra mile to make sure our clients are satisfied with the work we do for them. Make the most of our free consultations by contacting us today.

Interested in hiring a builder for your project? Please take a moment to read our FAQs first!

What is a builder?

In terms of the construction industry, a builder is an individual or a company that is responsible for constructing and repairing buildings and other buildings, such as roads and bridges. As construction specialists, they offer a wide range of services such as home extensions, plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, painting and decorating, and so on.

If I’m looking for a builder in the UK, where should I look?

For more information on trusted traders in your area, check with local trade associations or contact your local authority building control department for a list of recommended tradespeople within your area. Online directories like Trustmark are also a good place to start.

What services do UK builders specialise in?

Builders in the UK provide a wide range of services to their customers, from the construction of house extensions and loft conversions to landscaping, kitchen and bathroom fitting, conservatory design, and all types of building projects. Furthermore, they can also advise you on the energy-efficient measures you can add to your home, such as the installation of double glazing or insulation.

For a builder to practise legally in the United Kingdom, what qualifications do they require?

A builder working on a project that requires Building Regulations approval must be competent and qualified to carry out the relevant works. This includes all structural, electrical, gas, and other related work that may be required in the future. Most builders hold Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) cards demonstrating their ability to work safely on construction sites. However, they must also possess suitable qualifications for carrying out specific tasks if required by law – e.g., an NVQ Level 2 or 3 qualifications in bricklaying for bricklayers and an Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems Certificate of Competence for plumbers wishing to install unvented hot water systems.

Are there any regulations I should be aware of when hiring a builder?

Yes. It is extremely important to ensure that they are operating legally by checking their CSCS card and credentials before entering into any agreements with them. The company should also be insured fully for public liability so that if anything goes wrong during their work on your property or project, you will be covered by their insurance.

The work that they undertake must also be within the limits of the Building Regulations, where applicable, and you must ensure that you have obtained all relevant consents in advance of allowing them to commence work on the site. There may be severe fines imposed for failure to comply with this requirement. There may even be demolition orders issued by local authorities or other regulatory bodies who are involved in dealing with enforcement matters relating to construction activities conducted in the United Kingdom, depending on how serious the violation is.

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